Kawasaki KLR 650

Discover the amazing improvement that Cogent Dynamics suspension upgrades will make to your KLR650. If you own the multi-talented Kawasaki KLR 650 from 1996 and onwards, at Cogent Dynamics, you have found the people and company who are dedicated to improving your riding pleasure by improving the KLR 650 comfort and capabilities, providing you with excellent value in proven high performance Fork and Rear Shock enhancements.

The KLR650 is a groundbreaking bike here at Cogent Dynamics. Kawasaki’s KLR650, to a very large degree, has been credited for Cogent Dynamics becoming a leader in Dual-Sport, Adventure and Overlanding motorcycle suspension.

The KLR 650 has become ubiquitous worldwide as a simple, rugged and do-anything bike that can be relied upon to carry you anywhere. With Cogent Dynamics you will find everything you need for effective suspension upgrades on your motorcycle. Cogent tunes your suspension with the secrets learned only through long experience on KLR 650s, ridden everywhere around the globe, under the tremendously varying conditions true Dual-Sport / Adventure bikes are subject to.

Choose Cogent Dynamics suspension for real results that you will feel on your very first ride. We guarantee it!

Cogent Dynamics consider the 1987 (KLR650A)-2007 as the “Generation One” KLR which used suspension components that had longer travel and smaller diameter forks than current models. From 2008 to date we consider as the Generation 2 bikes which came with slightly firmer but shorter travel suspensions. Concurrent with the second generation changes the KLR received a larger diameter (41mm) “right side up” fork. During 2014, the so called “New Addition” version was added with some re-calibration of the existing suspension components. Besides, custom tuning our product for your specific riding needs, you can be assured that the specific model updates have been considered into your new suspensions design.

Optimize your KLR650 to best suit how you ride with Cogent Dynamics products:

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