Cogent Dynamics, Inc Terms of Service

We accept most major credit cards including Visa, Master Card and Discover Card and their network cards.  We can also make special arrangements to accept PayPal or certain money orders.  Personal checks are acceptable but are subject to being cleared by our bank before return shipment of goods or services. The pricing on this document or on our website is subject to change without notice.

The service work order form must be filled out and accompany your components (this helps us provide the quickest and most efficient service). Normal turnaround for standard work is 1-2 weeks (can extend to 2-4 weeks late winter and spring time).  Service turnaround for Cogent Dynamics brand shocks is normally 2-4 days.

We strive to provide a rapid turn-around time on work sent to our shop but never in a way that compromises the quality of work we do.  It can be difficult to accurately estimate timing as our work backlog is variable.  We work on a first come first serve basis. We try to be sensitive to the needs of our customers and people who have an impending race or trip are considered.   Special rush service can be available depending on the situation and additional charges to cover overtime hours will be agreed upon with each customer.

Vintage or very dirty equipment can often involve additional charges due to the time it takes to work on these items.  Corroded parts, damaged items from crashing or previous workmanship may involve additional billable time.  Major issues involving potential extra charges will be cleared with our customers before work continues.

Special project work that can include internal conversion of damper rod or vintage forks to modern cartridge internals or bespoke custom shocks can take much longer to accomplish that standard servicing or revalve modifications.  This type of project will be subject to time and material charges that can be difficult to estimate until the project is well underway. For special project work we request that our customers inform us of the budgetary range they are comfortable with and we will keep in touch during the project to be sure to stay within those constraints.

Our customers are responsible for any local taxes or duties that may be incurred (out of state and country shipping) as well as shipping to and from Cogent Dynamics.  We ship insured by the carrier and normally use FedEx Ground service or the US Postal Service.  We will ship items without insurance at the specific request of a customer. Cogent Dynamics Inc. cannot be responsible for any loss or damage that may happen in transit. Shipment via other carriers may incur a reasonable surcharge.

Some projects may require a down payment before work can commence.  Abandoned items will be subject to storage fees (we always make every effort to contact these customers first).