Adventure and Overlanding Motorcycles.

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Typically, Adventure Travelers or “Overlanders” choose larger bikes to provide the comfort and luggage capacity riders want.  Long range fuel tanks, weather protection, electrical capacity for GPS and heated gear along with voluminous rear luggage and often a passenger creates special demands on your motorcycle’s suspension.

Common bikes for these uses include the Popular BMW GS, Yamaha Super Tenere, Suzuki V-Strom and the Honda Africa Twin. We understand the special requirements of these bikes and the riders who use them. We have the customized components for your bike using both Cogent Dynamics and Ohlins products, set up by us, to your specific needs.

From the beginning of motorcycling history, riders have pushed motorcycles beyond normally accepted limits, sometimes in racing or other competitions but often using them to access areas difficult to reach in other ways. Riding long distances and to places that were and are relatively exotic became and is still a popular use of these motorcycles.

As these types of trips became more common, the riders were referred to as “Adventure Riders” or “Adventure Travelers” the motorcycle isn’t always as important as the objective and challenge a rider makes for themselves.  A popular motorcycle magazine has even done a series of articles a traveler who rode a modified Sport Bike around the world.  As this type of travel became more popular with motorcyclists, specialized motorcycles were built by riders and motorcycle manufacturers (bikes like the Honda Trans Alp).  Soon the “Adventure” category of bike became one of the fastest growing segments of motorcycles that dealers sold.  With this growing popularity, terminology has changed to where an Adventure Motorcycle and Adventure Rider became more synonymous with a larger motorcycle with Dual-Sport attributes being ridden by a rider who may only ride the streets and gravel roads near where they live.    As a way to differentiate global travelers, some of the media and riders themselves have invoked the term “Overlanding” to signify riders doing worldwide trips.  To us, motorcycling is always an adventure and one to be enjoyed!

In some cases, riders choose smaller Dual-Sport bikes in the 650cc (or occasionally smaller), sub 400 lb. range and outfit them with hard luggage for use in this category.  Dual-Sport bikes used in the Overlanding way are a popular option for riders who make wide-ranging global adventures because of the smaller and less improved roadways encountered on these types of trips.

If you are an avid traveler to whom long trips accompanied by the gear it takes to ride, camp, and exist in comfort over the distances necessary to get to the remote corners of the globe or even your county, we have the experience to provide the setup and quality components you need.

Give us a call to have our experts make your adventures the best they can be!