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Cogent Dynamics Bulletin Board

Hi folks, Rick here with an important note about all our shocks.  As a specialty manufacturer of custom shocks made the the highest standard, we use coil springs from a variety of high quality sources and for that reason we have always supplied springs of different colors depending on your riding needs and what is available to us in a particular circumstance.  In the case of out “Mojave” shock for the Suzuki Dr650 we have been limited to a narrow selection of spring rates based on availability of springs which suit the relatively long travel of the Mojave and Mojave Pro Series shocks.  I have personally been developing additional options by engineering slight modifications to our shock and by working with spring manufacturers to allow for a even more suitable, high performance spring to suit your riding needs.  Many of the photographs on this website show yellow or red springs but the photos do not represent the full variety of colors which we have traditionally used.  Some of our springs have been a dark “Cogent” blue, dark gray or a black color.  Please be aware that the wide variety of rates and sizes we offer doesn’t allow us to specify a standard color.  We are picking our springs based on the best quality and suitability to your performance needs.

The photo shows my own personal DR650 with the Mojave Pro Series shock with the hydraulic preload option.  The spring on my bike is red and is what best suited my 200lb weight and riding style.  I do my best to get out there to test this equipment to make sure we keep providing you, our customers with the best possible products.

Thank you for all your support, it means so much to me and the rest of the Cogent Dynamics team! 

Thanks to our awesome customers, Cogent Dynamics is open for business!

The Covid 19 Pandemic has resulted in profound changes at Cogent Dynamics.  We have benefitted from and are grateful for the great support and inspiration our customers have provided during this transition. We continue to strive for the highest quality and performance as we navigate the trail ahead.

What life and motorcycles have taught us is to always stay on the pegs,  look ahead, and ride with confidence. Only that allows us to make the correct inputs for continued success.

We are fortunate to experience an unprecedented level of customer interest yet we are constrained in our response by our deep commitment to the health and comfort of our customers and employees.

We are experiencing longer lead times in all aspects of our business due to the volume of work and the physical distancing of our employees, suppliers and customers.  We are actively learning, engineering and implementing improved methods to serve you most effectively.

Thank you, our valued friends and customers. We remain committed to your satisfaction and enjoyment. Let us all look forward to this opportunity to work together as we adapt and overcome during this transition.

Suspension Product Finder: Select Your Bike Make & Model

How Cogent Dynamics Suspension is Customized to your Needs

All of us at Cogent Dynamics are avid motorcyclists whose focus is on your riding experience and bringing you products and services which greatly improve your ride and enjoyment.

Motorcycle Suspension

Born of a passion for riding, Cogent Dynamics is the premiere innovator of custom suspension solutions. From designing and manufacturing our own line of suspension components, to performing services such as a shock rebuild or suspension setup and modifications,  we help riders around the world build the best motorcycles for racing, riding and adventuring.

Cogent Dynamics provide both suspension servicing as well as custom manufactured products for your bike that are engineered and built in the USA.

Over many years, riders of all types have relied on Cogent Dynamics for reliable servicing, rebuilding and revalve/tuning of their motorcycle suspensions for almost any bike that exists.  Count on Cogent Dynamics to provide high quality work at great pricing.

Custom designed and built suspension components including rear shocks and fork components are available from Cogent Dynamics.  Check the bike list for a reference of some of the bikes Cogent products are available for.

Cogent Dynamics offer a wide array of product and services for most bikes. Cogent Dynamics are a servicing dealer and repair center for some great partners including  Ohlins and RaceTech.

Contact us, we look forward to serving your motorcycle suspension needs.


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“RTW” Spare Parts Kit for Cogent Shocks

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DDC Installation Tool

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Adjustable Fork Caps

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Cogent Re-Engineered O.E.M. Shock

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DDC – Drop In Damper Cartridge

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DDC Complete Package for Suspension and front fork upgrade

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Fork Springs

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Moab Pro-Series Ultimate Rear Shock

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Protected: Modoc 250 Shock | Yamaha XT250 No Spring

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Kawasaki KLX 250S Rear Shock Spring

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Shock repair and rebuild parts for Cogent Dynamics shocks

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DDC Complete Fork Upgrade Package Suspension Kit for Kawasaki KLR 650

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Honda CRF1000l Africa Twin for revalve Kit. Cogent AT-1 Kit

Cogent Dynamics Latest News

News and happenings from Cogent Dynamics, the leader in custom motorcycle suspension solutions

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