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Remote Preload Adjuster for Cogent Shocks


The Cogent Dynamics Remote Preload Adjuster can be added to many of our shocks as optional equipment on many different applications.


What does the Remote Preload adjuster do? 

The addition of this option gives you the convenience of optimizing your rear suspension spring preload for quick leveling (load compensation) of your bike to accommodate a passenger, luggage or just to change ride characteristics based on your preferences.  The adjustment which would normally require reaching the shock in your bike (sometimes difficult to access) to turn a threaded collar using a tool can be easily adjusted by twisting a remote knob which uses the convenience of hydraulics to change the spring preload up to 100% (9 mm total range of preload change).


Will the Remote Hydraulic Preload option work on my bike? 

While the optional Preload Adjuster fits on most Cogent Dynamics shocks, there may not be enough clearance in some applications.  The control knob is connected via a hydraulic hose which is designed to be the correct length to suit a specific need.  For this reason, non-custom applications are preconfigured and available of bikes where our customers have been using the option for several years.  The most common bikes we offer the Preload Adjuster on include the Kawasaki KLR 650, the Suzuki DR650 and V-Strom 650.  Other bikes are also available.


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How do I purchase this handy and useful option with my new shock? 

During the purchase of your new Cogent shock, there will be an option during checkout where you can add the option to your purchase.

Can I retrofit the Remote Hydraulic Preload adjuster to a shock I own? 

If you already own a Cogent Dynamics shock and would like to add this great option it can be done with little effort.  In most cases your shock may require some level of disassembly in order to install the adjuster.  The best option will be to return the shock to Cogent Dynamics where we will gladly perform the installation at no additional cost over the product price and shipping. To order please call (828) 628 9025 or email [email protected].


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