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Servicing your motorcycle shock

Cogent Dynamics have been building custom rear shocks for our customers needs since 2006.  In the last dozen years we have come a long way with regard to quality, applications and volumes.  Our customers depend on us to service their shocks (Cogent Dynamics, Ohlins, WP Suspension on KTMs and others).  Doing this routine servicing helps keep your suspension functioning at the high levels you demand and it also ensures you of the best reliability and piece of mind.

In this photo, one of our customers has sent in his Cogent Dynamics rear shock for a routine service and has also chosen to have us upgrade his rear suspension to include the Remote Hydraulic Preload option.

The Remote Preload unit allows changing of your rear ride height and spring preload to best suit your preference based on your bikes load and ride conditions.  Adjustment is a simple mater of twisting the thumb knob to the desired point.

Adding this new feature involved no additional costs above the service and component charges.  Remember to service your suspension for the best performance and ask about great upgrades to your riding experience.


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