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Motorcycle Suspension Service

Cogent Dynamics is proud to provide top-tier custom motorcycle suspension service, repair, overhaul and rebuild help for your bike. In addition to creating custom suspension components, Cogent Dynamics provide service and rebuilding for a variety of brands including Ohlins, WP, Penske, JRI, KYB, Showa and others. These rebuild services include full rebuild

motorcycle shock dyno


(overhaul) of your motorcycle suspension dampers, shocks and forks. Services range from seal and bushing replacement rebuilding your suspension to like new condition. Take advantage of the service as an opportunity to do suspension upgrades with custom tuning such as a revalve with springs selected to match your riding style and weight. If you are a road racer, off road racer or a casual rider, with Cogent Dynamics you are assured of the best quality service and setup.

Proper servicing of your shock and forks is more than repair and wear parts replacement, excellent preventative maintenance is what provides you with the top notch performance you need for wining races, enjoying rides and having trouble free overlanding trips. Improve your riding experience with Cogent Dynamics, on your WP equipped KTM, OEM or aftermarket equipped Suzuki, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Ohlins equipped Ducati, BMW or whatever you choose to ride on your adventure or competition event.

Our services include technological testing, assessment, tuning and repair. As innovators in the industry we are continuously improving our systems and acquiring state of the art equipment in order to provide you with high-quality service. Read more about our offerings below and contact us to discuss the options that best fit your needs.

Damper Dynamometer or “Shock Dyno”

The Damper Dynamometer (often called a “shock dyno) is one of the most important machines in the shop. We use the dyno to test and ensure that our customers are getting the top performance from their suspension components.

Consider the importance of this piece of equipment; even simple things such as, are the adjusters working on my shock? How about if you send your forks out for a revalve, requesting to have 10% more compression damping? How is the “before” damping known? After the valving changes, how do we determine that 10% additional damping achieved and not 5% or even 30%? The Dynamometer provides those answers. Many detailed and accurate measurements are made and recorded by this advanced machine. Damping forces are measured with respect to both velocity and position of your shock or forks. Examples of other important factors that are measured include internal friction, gas pressure and temperature rise. Pressure balance within the shock can be optimized as well as other performance factors assured. The Dynamometer assures our customers high quality and precision.  > Read More about Shock Dyno’s

Testing and Repair of Electronic SuspensionsTesting and Repair of Electronic Suspensions

Cogent Dynamics are able to service and test electronic suspension systems and equipped with high technology equipment Like the Ohlins EC Diagnostic Machine for Mechatronic Suspension.

Vacuum Bleeding and Filling

Use of Specialized vacuum filling equipment optimizes the performance of your suspension. Many shock manufacturers such as Ohlins, WP (KTM) and Cogent Dynamics specify the use of this process for the correct function of their products.

Proper Vacuum bleeding and filling of your damper components ensure improved performance by eliminating most of the entrapped air form the damper and damping fluid. your shocks, forks and steering dampers will work better as the damping fluid can work in a much less compressible way, providing better control with less hysteresis or unwanted “springiness”.

Data Acquisition

On bike analysis of suspension action helps us to engineer the best possible product.

bent fork tube testingBent Fork Tube Testing and Correction

Precision testing and repair of fork tubes.

Fork and Shock Spring Rating and Testing

Cogent Dynamics employ high quality spring rating equipment to allow us to determine and check spring rates and other characteristics of your shock and fork springs. We have the unique ability to provide custom one-off springs when needed and can match the best springs to your needs. Tuning your suspension to match your needs is our specialty!

Damper Matching

Dynamometer matching of individual dampers provides a balanced feel.

Optimized Shim Stacks

Linear, progressive or digressive? We can design the appropriate shim stacks for your needs.

Customized Valving

Replacement Cartridges, damper pistons and valves upgrade your existing suspension components to be tuned to suit your individual needs. Custom shocks or forks built to suit your special application.

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Most suspension service is ready to be shipped in 2-3 weeks of receipt by us. Contact us if your needs differ.

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